FFE Peacocks Mantis

JEMichael IV

New member
I think that FFE has 1 peacock still left. I was ordering 3 for me and 2 friends but one backed out. I received my order of 2 today. So as of yesterday there was 1 left.

Just wanted to let everyone know, I dont think its listed but I would call and ask and have them walk to the back and look for themselves.

They were $18 each for the Peacock Shrimp and they were a nice nice, I requested larger. One was at least 5 inches. Shipping, not exactly sure as I order other stuff along with it. But they get shipped in a huge bag inside a tuperwear container with holes drilled in them so they dont break the bag. I would guess to ship 1 it would probalby be 30-40$

Here is the larger of the 2 that I got: