First and Last pic of my Octo


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Well I finally got a pic of my octo, unfortunately is will be the last came home this afternoon and it was dead.
This morning it was out with it legs all curled up so kind of thought it was close to the end

I am pretty sure that there are eggs in a hollow rock but cant see inside to find out. This was her spot that she stayed in all the time.
Me and a buddy ordered 2 from fish supply and his did have eggs last week so thatââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢s why I figure mine also might have
It had been real shy but eating well even frozen food.

If there are eggs what are the chances they are fertile?

Is this a bad time of year to order them?
When would be the best time?

BTW was it a Bimac can you tell form this pic?
Its really weird to hear of a octo laying eggs so late in season. I always request a small octo, they will be younger than a large. The eggs should be fertile. It will take a lot a preperation to rear them.