First parameter readings


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Hello all! Well, we finally got our live rock last night and were up till 2:00 this morning getting it "just right." It looks gorgeous! Water is crystal clear and the aquascaping is pretty cool. We have 50 lbs of live rock in a 45 gallon tank; 25 lbs of Aragonite sand; and 10 lbs of live sand

We did our first parameter reading this morning...

(Taken from Marine Enterprises' Deluxe Marine Master Saltwater Test Center":)

pH: 8.0
Ammonia: .025
Nitrites: .1
Nitrates: 10 p.p.m
Temp: 80

How are the readings? Normal?


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Sounds like your right on track.

When you get a chance take some picks and show us your progress.


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You are still working through your cycle, but it looks like you are well on your way. Keep us updated.