fish acting strange...


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I bought a blue lined rabbit fish a few days ago and he seemed like he was acting very strange, kind of not really scared of anything or me doing anything near him etc...

when i came home from work tonight he seemed the same however i stayed near the tank and turned my rooms light on and he went crazy going from end to end, and bumping into the glass near the this normal?

anything wrong? or is he just happy to see me... lols

EDIT: Also he changed from yellow to a white color... and from what I was told they do change colors.


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He should turn back to yellow in a bit; they turn white when stressed. It might take a week or so.
As for the bumping into the sides of the tank; how big is the tank?
Sometimes when they get scared they kind of go insane.


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Mine used to change color alot whenever it stress out, but should reduce after times.If you have enough caves and cervices in your rockworks for it to hide out.


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My foxface would do the same thing when he was new in the tank. As soon as the tank lights went down it was like he freaked out and started swimming wildly around the tank; I was half afraid that he was going to beat himself to death on the glass. Stopped doing that after a week or so and has been just fine since. Hopefully it's just stress from the new environment and he'll calm down soon enough :)


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Could be stressed due to lack of swimming room, a 55g is pretty small for a rabbit fish


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i also think that it is stressed. they are pretty hardy fish so i would focus more on getting him to eat then anything else. he will get used to the tank soon enough but to keep him healthy he needs to get plenty of food