fish list for reef aquarium


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I made up a list of things I was interested in having in my tank, I don't know much about the compatibility of all of these, I was just seeing if anyone could tell me if this is okay or if I should change things......

Already Have

royal gramma
pair ocelleras clowns
golden damsel
fire shrimp
13 small hermits
2 fairly large turbo snails
pink zoanthid

Thinking of getting

cleaner shrimp
few more hermit crabs
goby of some sort
porcelaine crab
strawberry crab
mandarin dragonette (eventually)
linkia starfish (eventually)
anemone (eventually)
different corals
dwarf angel (prob coral beauty or flame)

like I said I don't know much about all of these they are just some different things I was interested in getting in the future.... is this too much, can I get more, should I get something different than what I have listed atm? any advice would be nice



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I think it should be ok but more additions you will be at the higher limit of your tank. I would not suggest an anemone unless you are sure of its requirements and if you want to add corals. Anemones can kill corals if they move around.


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anemones tend to move about and annoy or kill corals, but are interesting critters. I'd suggest making your choice between nem and corals.

Mandarins in a 55 will require 20g fuge for one mandarin.

Linkia stars are for massive older reefs with huge amounts of rock. They seem to eat film, but nobody's quite sure how to keep them healthy. They will assuredly die in small new tanks.


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mandarins I know a lot about because they were one of the most interesting fish to me (and to a lot I see) so I read a lot about them.....

but ty for the starfish advice

as for the anemone.... what if I waited the 6 months or so to put one in and let it settle then got corals(just a thought) other than that I'd probably go with corals seeing you can have a lot more of them....


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Not sure what a golden damsel is. Damselfish ,however, can be very aggressive and may limit some of your choices .Centopyge(dwarf angels) are a rsik to corals especially open brains such as Trachyphyllia, Cynarina and Scolmia, The two you listed are milder than most but still a substantial risk.


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I see thank you.... as for the damsel I really don't know what he is, he was my first fish I got and the lfs just pointed out all the damsels so I got the yellow one......I decided to get a damsel because they are hardy and wanted to make sure my tank was safe for other fish before I added any more expensive ones...

but anyway hes a pretty bright yellowish-gold and I have had him for over a month and has not been aggressive at all other than being a piggy eater...


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Linkia Star may hurt the corals, the golden damsel is the least aggressive fish of the class. Strawberry Crab is a very exciting choice since they are colorful and reef safe. Here is the video of the strawberry crab:
strawberry crab video


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I would stay away from an anemone. They could stay in one spot for a long time and then decide to move and kill every coral in it's path.