Fish Pathogens and keeping Tankbred & WC Fish together


Hello friends,

I hope you are doing well 😄

The last time I visited the best LFS in my city, I asked about their clownfish. They said they no longer sell tankbred ones, because, they had problems keeping tankbred clownfish with wildcaught fish, especially their customers had losses, due to the fact that tankbred clowns' immunity cannot deal with the wildcaught fish pathogens, and they don't observe such problem if two fish are WC, and many people mix WC and tankbred fish in their tanks.

Considering how common tankbred A.Ocellaris are, I see no reason to go for WC option. So I did not buy from them, and ordered tankbred blackstorms online.

The pathogen issue is a common thing that I also experience in my freshwater tanks. Especially if the tankbred fish are raised in very sterile conditions or has been subject to conditions like freshwater fish being raised in almost brackish water so pathogens are not the same, or fish being raised by using many antibiotics and medicine, etc. As an example, when I got imported guppies, I lost almost all the parents from 6 different species. But before that, all the babies born in my tanks are super healthy under the exact conditions.

Now that I heard this from a very experienced LFS owner here, I am hesitant to try any fish in my clownfish tank. There is always a risk to introduce pathogens, even between two tanks at home. Other than assisting the immunity system by providing good conditions and diet with a stress free environment, I am not sure if we can do anything to prevent any future issues of introducing different pathogens.

Could you please share your experience? I am thinking of getting a small goby or so. Now I am hesitant to try, because I have witnessed a similar issue in freshwater fishkeeping hobby many times. I love my clowns and don't wanna risk it