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There have been a couple of fish ive been lookin at for my 20 gal. nothing live in it yet, just live rock. i know i can have the max 10 inches of fish in my tank and not get them all at once.
here are the fish ive been looking at. ..

Percula Clown fish
any Goby or Blenny- heard gobies are interesting

here are the ones that says require at least a 30 gallon tank, but was wonder if they would work in my 20 gal because i really like these. ( wouldnt get all id just pick one)

Valentini puffer or long-nosed puffer
Flame Angel
Green or Spotted Mandarin

anyone else have any other suggestions or advice on these?
Percula clown fish and gobys are good choices. Be careful on the goby choice. Some get really sizable. Flame angels (or any dwarf angel) are beautiful and really tempting. Your tank can (gallons-wise) hold a flame angel, but they really need a lot of space to roam. They are territorial and like their space. They also like to pick on the rockwork for food.

Mandarin's are an option only if you can make the dedication to purchase copapods. There is a guy that sells them online. The rock capacity in a 20g isn't enough to maintain a steady food supply for these guys, and they starve to death. Some have managed to get them to take prepared foods, but they are very few and far inbetween.

Read here about mandarin fish:

I don't have any experience with puffers, so hopefully someone else will chime in.

Other good choices are firefish, swissguard basslett, or a yellowheaded jawfish if you want a deep sand bed. Check out the "nano" section at
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I think the only fish potentially suitable for that size tank is the valentini toby. These fish stay just above 4" (smaller than flame), are hardy, easy to feed (unlike mandarin), etc. I do suggest a protein skimmer for a tank with these fish (and really, any other tank, IMO) to compensate for messy eating habits, etc., if possible.