Fish Tank Sprung A Leak


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My fish tank has sprung a leak. I am not sure what to do? It is a twenty gallon nano tank. It was two Clown fish, Snails, Hermit Crabs and so forth what is the best way to switch to a new tank?


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Yes, you will be fine. Rinse the sand with tank water to clean out some of the waste material.

Sorry about the tank.


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I would buy new sand, let it settle for a few hours , then transfer livestock to a new tank. Keep rock and livestock in 5g buckets w/ a PH or airstone.
You would hate to lose everything by causing a cycle by disturbing old sand.


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This happened to me once. Put all the fish, corals and rocks in buckets with a heater and powerhead. They'll be fine for at least a couple days like that. Set up the new tank with new rinsed sand and a cup or so of the old sand. Let it run for a day or two then put all the rocks and critters back in. You might have a small cycle but I didn't lose anything when I did it.


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FWIW when I did my tank transfer, I saved a few cups of the old sand, and rinsed the heck out of the rest with a garden hose. I didn't have any losses. However, I didn't use all of the old rinsed sand. My previous display had a DSB and I decided to got with a SSB on the new tank.


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i would look into making sure that your tank is level before you do it or you will have the same problem happen in a couple of months