Flame scallop help


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Hello everyone. I am a newbie, but posting here for help with what appears to be a tiny baby flame scallop. It is nesting in a crevice on my live rock. I am assuming tank conditions are good (see my website) as this fella looks to be feeding and I would imagine would have starved by now( tank running x 2 months). I was planning on dosing several times a week with Phytoplex (i also have a bunch of tubeworms)
is this reasonable. I would love to let this fella grow nice and big.

He is too small to photograph, but in description it is ~2mm wide with red finger like mantle and very small whit shell. basically looks like picture of flame scallop but very small (sorry i don't know much about their anatomy)

thanks for any info
please disregard above. got a magnifying glass and it turns out to be a split crown feather duster living under a small shell , hehe

sorry, but its still nice looking