Flame scallop


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I know that I shouldn't move the scallop around to a place that I think is best. What should I do if it appears to be stuck?
It's wedged in between some live rock and looks like it trying to "swim" but can't go any where. Should I try and free it or let it be....IYO?
I would let it be unless either something has moved the rock on to it or the rock fell on it... Other wise if the scallop got there on it's own it can get out on its own.

What Kyle said. I had one wedged in a rock at the front of my tank, and I'll be damned if he/she didn't move to another crack further back. Didn't know they could move forward.

I'll leave it be then. It just seemed like the scallop was tring to move but was unable to go anywhere.