Flow for a 225g 6’x30”x2’

Bruce Wayne

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Getting back in the hobby with my 72”x30”x24”t 225 gallon. I am going to have sand(2-3”deep), minimal live rock, and mixed reef(“easy”sps). It has a center, internal overflow. I’d like as much flow as possible without sand storms. Any recommendations?



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There are a host of options; Tunze Turbelle and Ecotech Marine (in different sizes) are among powerheads that I would buy. Some people build a closed-loop system (external pumps recirculating water), but I would always go for powerheads for flexibility and the sheer variety now available. I would not worry too much about sandstorms; they are inevitable at first, and with careful placement, you can avoid kicking up the sand and still have great random flow.

Bruce Wayne

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Do you have an external overflow? I’m assuming you have the (4) MP60s split on the sides? Are you sps dominant? How would you describe your aqua scape?


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Two internal overflows........Two MP60's on each end. Just a few SPS frags at this time. Aquascape : Three Islands.