Flow vs filtration


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I'm hoping someone can answer my question...

I'm having a bit of brain freeze over the flow in my tank. My brain is telling me that to get good biological filtration from my LR I have to have a lot of water movement. But 99% of what's in the tank likes medium flow and I'm worried I'm blasting them.

So my question is - does our LR biological filtration work better in higher flow or doesn't it make a difference as long as the water is "moving"?

Thanks for any help :D


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Low-medium flow is fine in terms of actual biofiltration. However, higher flows will help keep the rock "clean" by keeping detritus (gunk) floating in the water.


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base tank flow on inhabitants.
Blast rock work every week or two to remove settled detritus.

easy enuf. No need to overthink!