Fluidised sand bed filter


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Hi just wondering what peoples opinions are on fluidised sand bed filters?

I have one installed on one of my tank filled with bio pearls which reduce nitrates and phosphates.

It's 36" x 15" x 15" tank with 24" x 12" x 12" sump current stocking is pair of coral sea maroon clownfish, 2.5" purple tang, 3" regal tang, 3" bicolor angel, trio of flameback pygmy angels, pair of helfich's firefish, jade wrasse, pair of orchid dottybacks, pair of green banded goby's, pair of yellow belly damsels, pair of blue stripped pipefish, pair of cleaner shrimp and a pair of yellow boxing shrimp with various hard and soft corals.

I know this is overstocked i don't need to know that and i also know that some of these fish are going to quickly outgrow such a small tank, these will be moved to my larger system once they get bigger.

My phosphates currently sit at near enough zero and have done since for some time and also my nitrates are sitting around 10ppm give or take a few.

all fish get along fine with no problems what so ever. in my opinion these filters are flipping amazing, i do a 10% water change every 2 weeks and top off the evaporation from my halide with RO as and when its needs it.

does anyone else have one of these installed and finding similar results?



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10ppm nitrates doesn't sound like great results. I thought the bio pellets were suppose to name nitrates undetectable?

I personally run refug with chaeto and rowaphos in fluidized reactor. Keeps both phosphate and nitrate to 0.


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i thought it was great results considering my stocking levels and i am aware it is "suppose" to keep them at zero but that is with a moderate stocking. without that im sure my nitrates would be through the roof.

i also have a ball of cheato in my sump been there since i set up tank its getting huge now, just run a light on it for 24 hours a day n let it tumble around my first chamber.

was wondering if anybody else runs one with high stocking levels?