foam under a Miracles tank


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Just wondering if i can use these foam squares under my rimless aquarium. Anybody here use them. I tried finding the pink insulating foam but i only find 24'' wide sheets. If they were actually 24'' it would be fine but they are 24'' with the little lip that is used to joint 2 together so not really 24''. I found some 1'' white styrofoam but i'm not sure it would be ok. Would it ?



Did you check with miracles? they have good customer service, call them or email them (include the link)

I had one of their tanks on top of two pieces of the linked insulation foam and as amutti I had the joint in the middle. I ran that tank like that for over 2 years before I sold it.

How big is your tank? the insulation foam comes in large sheets (the linked one is 48" x 96")


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I researched this topic a lot before putting foam under my tank. The recommendation is to use the plain white styrofoam, not the insulation type. Miracles actually told me that I could use what came under the tank when it arrived (in a crate). When we opened the crate, the styrofoam was broken, so I didn't use that but did go to buy more of the same. I bought a 4'x8' sheet and they let me cut it down in the store with an exacto knife. I just cut a piece a little larger than I needed while in the store and then made a more precise cut at home so that if fits perfectly. I used the remaining pieces for other purposes. I have also bought some of the insulation foam, but plan to use that for sound proofing my stand.


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Oh good! I already have the white styrofoam. It's one inch thick but i guess it's going to be ok. Thanks you all for the answers.