For Aussie's To Answer Please


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i've been looking at the us site (i know their dollar is stronger) the 2 part calcium supplements. WHY ARE THEY SO CHEAP? am i shopping at the wrong places or what?
i just purchased 475ml bottles of each kent marine tech cb part A & part B from reef shop online for $50ish... for that in the US i could have bought 3L bottles of each. is their anything 2 part that rivals this in price and quality? or a cheaper place to buy even in us currency without the astronomical price of shipping.



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We have very few of our own companies, most things are imported which is a greater fee, you notice it especially with things like test kits, compare aquasonics prices to seachem or salifert. Also remember the prices are in American on those websites.

Have you tried Age of Aquariums? they generally have the cheapest things online


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i've found reef shop online and guppyies aqaurium online to be the cheapest. but age of aquarium does state that they will bet any price by 10% so some wheeling and dealing could be done there.
i do understand that american sites are in american dollars but the price is still unbelievably cheaper then here in aus, eg. 20 dollars us = 25 dollars aus. i would love to see a lab here in aus producing additives & supplements to the standard of kent and seachem bring down our prices.
i'm obviously not an importer of these products, but i fail to see justification in australia's exuberant prices on such goods. after viewing these american websites i can't help but feel riped off!!!


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Have you looked into dosing with something that you put together yourself? A lot of people make their own two part using products that are not specifically made for aquariums. That may be a lot cheaper. I think there are details about it in the chemistry forum here, try searching for 'Randy's two part'. Just an idea.


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i'm always looking to make this hobby cheaper so i'll have a read. are these diy 2 parts as balanced as something out of the bottle? and do they contain the extra trace elements iodine etc.


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You shouldn't be too worried about trace elements if you are using NSW, which I asume you are. Builders lime and damp rid are good expamples of cheap alternatives to ca and alk. Lots of people use this method. There is really no reason to buy the kent products as they the alternatives are chemically pure.

check out limpitsreef on youtube for some good DIY chemical ideas also.

A safe alternative that I use is the CaribSea Product, AragaMight.
It's basicly crushed coral and is ca and a buffer. I haven't had a problem with this product. Have you looked into joining MASQ? lots of people with knowledge to share. Next meets at Shailer Park in August


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I think you missed the main point. Most of those supplements we use must be IMPORTED, the shipping prices are exorbiant because America isn't exactly close, we do have our own Australian made products that are growing in numbers, but it's supply and demand. While everyone buys Kent and Seachem they are unable to gain a foothold, so we get stuck in the never ending cycle of expensive prices of imported products. The people who import kent and Seachem would not be making much money on them because of how much they have to pay to have them imported and for the product itself. We'd either need the price of petrol to drop dramatically, new transport to be created for the price to drop, or have someone willing to not make any mony on them.


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I am not an Aussie...but I am currently in Adelaide for work and I travel down under a few times a year. I will look tonight in the grocery store for baking Soda (alk) and Pickling lime (kalk). If you do a DIY product it is best to use food grade chemicals vs. industrial chemicals for there purity. An example Arm & Hammer baking soda can be used right out of the box if your tank PH runs high or baked in a oven for an hour if your tank PH runs low.

Also the pickling lime used when you can your own vegatables and fruits can be picked up at the grocery or Walmart for under $3.00 USD per pound. The harder chemical to get is the calcium where you need to find a industrial source of high purity product.

Fortunately we have a few good sources such as Bulk Reef Supply BRS,-Alkalinity-&-Magnesium/c1/index.html They take care of all the sourcing for us.


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but i fail to see justification in australia's exuberant prices on such goods. after viewing these american websites i can't help but feel riped off!!!
You cant compare the US market to Aussie. different ball game.

Have you looked at the prices of european skimmers in the US. they are far more expensive as they are imported.
The cheaper products are made in the US, hence the reason they are cheaper.

Its just the fact of life that imported products will generally be more expensive.

If you want to blame anyone go and see the government who rip off importers with excessive charges and then go and talk to the freight companies.
Take the above two factors away and prices would drop by over 20%.