For Deal on shrimps, see inside....


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I posted a couple weeks back asking about best places to buy shrimp.

Well, here's a great deal I came across this week online (which ends in 1-2 days in terms of making the order), from a certain company on the web that starts with "e." They have pepp shrimp on sale for $2.50. And if your order on the 'build your own reef cleaning crew' gets up to 60 bucks, then shipping is free. Other critters such as nassarius snails are also on very good deals.

I would describe that deal on pepps as "screaming." Just wanted to share for anyone on a tight budget.

I'm a little unclear on whether naming companies is allowed here, so I'm being a little coy here and not listing company name so as not to be a rule breaker. You can PM me for the name if needed.

However, might I add that after the letter "e", the rest of the name rhymes with "schmopicals."


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You are permitted to list vendors (RC sponsor or otherwise) as long as you are not affiliated with the business.


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Ken Tanner the 11th, Come on Down! You got it!

It is a F and S company, but separate from the F and S company that rhymes with jive-my-hair-ia. :cool:

And their prices are generally superior on cleaning crews.


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I will keep rhyming yes I will,
I can't stop rhyming, without a pill,
Aptaisia killers I did not skimp,
etropicals is sending 20 pepp shrimp.


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seems like dog lover is on his way
to the best time of day
and I hope and pray he makes it home ok.
another ryhme ,another day with no time for him to play.


I'm an American, and I remember
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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=10470451#post10470451 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by geo
You are permitted to list vendors (RC sponsor or otherwise) as long as you are not affiliated with the business.

I'd like to add to that.
There are certain vendors that by their own unscrupulous actions have made it necessary for us to add their names and web sites to the profanity filters here. Posting these company names IS a problem, and the rhymes to get around the censors would be a bigger problem.


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I hear you Larry, but...I was rhyming just to play, not to get around any rules. And I have to assume unless you tell me otherwise that etropicals, liveaquaria, and/or Foster and Smith are not on the bad boy list?