For Sale N. OHIO 44001


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For Sale

AGA 75 gal tank 4 months old (lt oak)
AGA stand (painted distressed pine)
2 aqua medic ocean light pendants 250w 20K 4 months uses tops
euro-reef rs 135 (skimmer)
mag 9 (return pump)
ATO (auto top off unit)
250 watt heater
U tube overflow box
20 gal AGA sump
250w heater
125 magfloat glass cleaner
6 gal water jug
various hoses,power strips etc..
all the equipment you need to having a successful set up

This retails for well over $1500.00
I will not part out if I part out it will be done on ebay if I decide to
Im not looking for any trades
Welcome to come and see in person
All equipment is in mint condition and working order
I can assist in local delivery. Im selling these items off as my big
system has fully cycled, and in up and running order.

First 800.00 takes