For Sale & WTB a few things (equip)

I finally upgraded my 20g fowlr to a 44g corner pentagon.

It came with some decent equipment but I still need:
1. A new powerhead or 2 (prefer Koralia)
2. a suitable heater for the size
3. LR but I am also looking for a large sunken ship sculpture (odd I know)
If anyone has anything like this sitting around let me know.

I also have FS:
20g tall tank. Only a few months old and just taken down yesterday
(tank only for now)

5g freshwater setup with tank, light/hood, HOB filter, and heater

shoot me an offer for either of those
Ok :)

Oh, I want to clarify that it will be a fish only, always. Some of my livestock in this tank are not reef safe (which is why I have 2 tanks lol)