for the history books. my cuttle eggs are hatching


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i was told by so many that they wouldnt hatch and had no not prepared. Luckly i have isopods in one tank and in the man tank i have big bugs and i also have red shrimp to. Quick i need a list of food for the little guys. I dont know what to get or could get.
I think you were actually told that we wern't sure...

You are going to need LOTS of small shrimps... amphipods are probably too small? What size are the babies?

Got any pics yet?

From my experience each baby cuttle I had at 12mm long ate ~twice - three times a day (much more than an octo) and one 10 - 15mm long shrimp at a time.

They wont take dead food until about month 2-3

small ghost shrimps might work???

will the mother eat told that the babys hid extremly well. i can find either one of the two that hatch. i move the little pile of live rock i keep in there and nothin. Im scared she ate them but the wasnt up and around and she already. Im scared there gone. I am working on small food and I do have some supply but I cant feed since i cant find them. And man there small
yeah i can see how. when i say the baby she wasnt up.she was sleeping. then i feed her while the baby was gone. I think it may of barried alittle in the sand. Only time will tell one what happened. Right now im thinking on moving her but i dont know how because i dont want her to ink everywhere.
cuttle food

cuttle food

Get ahold of John Forsythe at the NRCC. His web site is ceph source and through a link there you can get his email. He raises and breeds cuttlefish so he would know exactly what to do. I know he has Sepia. O's. What do you have? If you email me with a phone number I could pass along a message to him to give you a call or see if it is okay for me to give you his number. He is an awesome guy to work with and very helpful!
Cephsource dissapeared a long time ago. But you should still get him through the NRCC site if need be. I got to meet John last October along with James Wood and both were very friendly :)

I have a feeling that feeding these babies is going to be an issue
You should remove the babies from the main tank into another tank with only a thin layer of fine sand on the bottom and no live rock. The reason for this is to keep them away from the parent and to avoid other predators like bristle worms. Bristle worms can grab the young cuttles and hurt them or kill them. You can make a simple rearing tank out of a 5 gallon rubbermaid tub bulk headed and plumbed to your main tank using it as a sump. This will allow you to use the same water they were born in to prevent any shock on the hatchlings. There are pics of my set up some where in back posts.
Keep the ligts very dim on the hatchling tank, bandensis is nocturnal. I would remove them not with a net, but with a clear glass or beaker so they are never lifted out of the water. You need more food asap. Food should be your biggest concern. I would order a case of ghost shrimp. The ghost shrimp are running small this time of year so they will be a good size for the hatchlings. You could also try mysid shrimp, they will cost you a little more. There are several suppliers that sell mysids in large quantity. They are not cheep though.


I got a pregnant octopus about two years ago which hatched out a number of babies. Those little buggers ate like crazy. If you don't want a high mortality/ cannibalism rate you better get plenty of food on hand. What you have doesn't sound like it will suffice for long.-Good luck with your new little family :thumbsup:
well im moving the mother and the liverock out of that tank and leaving the eggs in. Im afraid something got the first to hatchlings. Im working on food right now but my budget is spent till today or tomorrow. I sold some things i own and im getting the money when they pick them up. Ghost shrimp wise i can get alot of them. I dont know when the rest will hatch and the baby was soo cool but now he is gone missing and i dont want to believe the mother ate him. So there was no more hatchings last night im going to move her and keep the lights off and cover the other tank with the eggs. It will be hard to move her but im going to trick her with food.;) . I called gulf view minnows and there phone number was changed from what i got off this place. im going to search for a new number because i was going to have eggs ship overnight to me but i need to find the new number
I had 4 cases of ghost shrimp flown if for my hatchlings last week. Thats over 2000 shrimp.
I also have a endless supply oof amphipods living close to the ocean. These pods are larger than the ones you find in your live rock. Make sure you have food. With out it the hatchlings will not last long. Becareful moving the mother. Bandensis inks alot.