Foxface Lo Tank Size Question


New member
I currently have a fully grown scribbled rabbitfish who is about 6 inches long and bought a foxface lo a few months ago that is about 4 inches long and is growing fast. My tank is a custom made 165 gallon that is 4 feet by 2.5 by 2.5 feet and I am worried that the tank will be too small for the fully grown foxface if it gets bigger than the scribbled rabbitfish. I am aware that the minimum tank size stated online is said to be 125 gallons but I am worried that the foxface may struggle in my tank with 4 feet of horizontal swimmimg space.

The other inhabitants are:
Copperband Butterfly
Tomini Tang
Dusky Wrasse
6 Line Wrasse
2 Bangai Cardinals
3 Clownfish

Any thoughts on if this stocking of the foxface with the other fish is viable for the long term would be great.