Free Coral


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I have a browned out coral, that I have no space for at the moment. So I am looking for a good home for it. New owner must have experience keeping SPS.

It is a wild caught coral. It was doing great for a while and after a little fluctuation in my tank it browned up on me. After giving in to temptation and buying more corals, this one got replaced and set back in the corner of my tank.

Here is a picture of it from it's glory days. It also has an Xmas worm inside it. You can see it has a green base and it develops nice purple tips. So it definitely has potential.


Local pick ups only.
Well that is kida far for me, so.. if somone else is interested go right ahead... I just don't want to spend hours on the freeway this afternoon.

Sorry Kurt...
no prob...I should also mention I won't be available today. So pickup tomorrow would be preferable.
how much? My 5 year anniversary is coming up maybe I can ask the little lady to buy them for me since her pocket is deeper then mine: D
What? The fact that she has more money? Well I make more but I have more responsibilities and bills. Making more but having less now that sucks.
hey im in west la and can pick it up tomorrow. im in west LA
ill be free tomorrow after 3pm for a pickup if youre available
Hey all...sorry for the delay in responses. I'll be filtering through the PM's and responding accordingly. Thanks.
Ok I'm still waiting to hear back from Ken. After him the order goes:


...hopefully it won't get beyond there :)