Free Orange Cap


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Anybody want a big chunk of orange monitpora? I had a huge orange cap on the right side of my tank and really just kinda got tired of it. It grows like a champ and if I let it go too long it gets too big and shades everything under it. So I'm finally just gonna do something different with that spot. First person who comes and gets it can have it for free.

It was about 18 inches in diameter at one point but I already yanked a bunch and threw it away (I know...probably shoulda sold it. But hey...when I clean house I toss!). Lol. I saved just the inner core and was debating on keeping it but nah. So if anybody wants come grab it. Otherwise I'm chuckin it!

Here is a pic form a while ago...its on the right.


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Monti cap was beautiful! Thanks Joel for your generosity. It was great to meet you and absorb a little of your knowledge.