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I'm slowly getting out and need corals gone first

Colony of Birdsnest $40
Bali green slimer Colonys a couple of them $40 each
Tri color bali colony and nice size frag $50 and $40
2 hammer coral 10+ heads on each $15 each
good size frag of hairy green acro $25
big piece of steve elias acro $25
10 Orange Rics $50 for all 10
small frag of True undata $20
Then very big colonies of unknown acro they are very nice IMO $125 each
colony of tyree ponape torch $80
have a frag of meteor shower $25
a approx 3lb rock with about 10 red mushrooms and a featherduster on it $25

If someone wants to buy it all i will do $575


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If someone wants to take it all i will take payments but has to have someone vouch for them and at least 50% down


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No Karls left. sorry. I will be here all day if people want to come and look. just about everything is fair game.

fish included

Longnose hawk $25
Flame hawk $25
pair of false percs $35
Gold stripe maroon $25
Midas Blenny $30
Rosy scales wrasse $35
yellow wrasse $15