FS: Godzilla Sump


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I always have these tank builds tumbling around in my head so at the time I saw this sump, I snatched it up. Now I'm thinking about a much smaller build so time to pass it along. If anyone is in need of a sump for a large tank build, in garage or in basement sump - price is $150.

Dimensions: 48"L x 30"W x 24" T
Chamber 1: 8.5" x 29" [first picture, closest]
Chamber 2: 11.5" x 29"
Chamber 3: 13" x 29"
Chamber 4: 12" x 29"

It has a hole drilled for an external pump; which could be used or plugged depending on your needs. Needs a cleaning, but where else are you going to find this much acrylic for this price.




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Currently chatting with someone on this; but, if anyone else is intersted you'd be next in line.


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MP40 wet side, tunze return pump, Vortec battery backup. What do you have?
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I got a mp40 wetside, 36" two bulb vho retro with less than a month of use on ballast and bulbs bulbs are super attinic, octo nw200 skimmer newer model with cone transition neck, brs dosing pump new in box never used, sl1 for reefkeeper, 250w 20k de xm bulb with less than 2 months use, lumenbright se reflector, sro medium bio pellet reator with 500ml warner maring bio pellets.