FS - JF Beach Bum Frags - Simi Valley


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I have a 3 frags that are in my small and very over crowded 25G tank. Super bright yellow with green polyps. Definitely a fun piece to add to a tank if you are looking for something yellow!

Pick up is in Simi Valley (93063). No holds, only purchases through paypal.

Largest piece which was a fresh frag yesterday is approximately 1.75" x .75"

Price $125.00

Next piece is approximately .5"x.5" and has been fragged for over a month.

Price $75.00

Final Piece is approximately 1/2"x3/8" and was fragged over a month ago as well.

Price $65.00



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^ Hey Jeff! All is well.

Unfortunately I just dont have room for anything but I owe you for past stuff I wouldnt mind hooking you up.