FS: MORE Baby True Percs! (Part 2)


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Hi, Everyone,
I am selling my 2nd (and last!) batch of clownfish. These little guys were hatched on 12/20. The 2nd stripe is just coming in on a lot of them. Like last time, the prices are:

25 each
40 per pair
more than 2, $18 each.

Since I am doing curbside pickup only, I will have to choose the clowns for you. However, if you have any special requests (full bar, misbar, etc), please let me know, and I will do my best to pick those out for you.

Pic taken just now


For info and pics on the parents and details on how these little guys were hatched and raised, please see here:


For testimonials from happy customers who bought the batch hatched in November, please see here:


Pickup in Alhambra


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Buy with complete confidence, these little babies are super healthy and look awesome. My pair are growing nicely.

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UPDATE: I believe all are pending, possibly have 5 or 6 left? Will have a better head count after Thursday for all those who've pmed me.

Again, thanks for everyone's enthusiasm! :)

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Hello Jamie,
If any are left I would love 6 for me 450 gallon ocean. I know I may be late but if people can cancel let me know. Thank you.


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All clowns have been sold! Thank you everyone for all the interest and the pics you took when you brought your little guys home :)

I am finally breaking down the grow out tanks and it feels great to get my house back in order-- its been random tanks, buckets and rotifer cultures everywhere for the past 5 to 6 months lol

Will I breed more clowns in the future? I might give it a go again in the summer when I have more time. One things for sure: it's been fun! Thanks, guys!

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