FS: Need cash for upgrade

nano mania

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I'm in the final stages of upgrading from a 30 to a new 90 gal (36x24x24). Need some cash to stock it. Willing to trade for for some nice coral colonies. Looking for mostly Acros, but don't be shy if you have some crazy LPS.

1. 150watt Lumen Max 3 HQI pendant with 150watt Galaxy ballast $150
2. CPR overflow I think it's the CS50 model. $20
3. 2x Vortech MP10s these are the older version. Not the new Ecosmart. $150 each

I have a couple more things, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. I'll post more when I get home tonight.

Thanks for looking.

nano mania

New member
The overflow is pending. Still have the fixture, ballast and MP10s.

I also have an Elos Osmocontroller, new in box. $100
This is the original version.

Still going through a ton of boxes after we moved. More to come...