FS: Reefbreeder Photon 32, good protein skimmers


New member
I am selling my reef breeders photon 32 for $350 OBO, I will listen to other offers.
I had the light for 1 year and it is in perfect condition, I am looking to sell to only local guys unless we could do Western Union.

I am selling my Reef Octopus HOB bh-1000 skimmer for $90, it is in great shape just needs a good cleaning.

I also am selling my Eshopps PSK-100 skimmer for $80, it also is in great shape and is very new.

Please PM me if you are interested me or email me at codydemmel4@yahoo.com that is probably the fastest way to get a response from me. I will listen to offers for all the items I have for sale and I will provide pictures if you want some.

I am located in Zip Code 18034, I will meet you half way if you are a decent distance away.