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I am exiting the hobby and looking for someone interested in purchasing my equipment. I will hold off 5 days before I entertain parting out. This would be a fantastic beginner/frag/quarantine setup and I think represents fantastic value!

All items have been cleaned with vinegar/brush since tank tear down.

Note, stand is not for sale and is going to be re-purposed. Dimensions of this tank can be found online but are very similar to a 40breeder!

Items for sale.
1x innovative marine 28g tank (rimless), drilled, running 3 years
1x Eshopps eclipse overflow (attached to tank)
1x 20 gallon long (used for sump with no baffles)
1x Buggle Magus curve 5
1x tank plumbing with gate valve on drain
1x 1/2 used bucked of salt
1x titanium heater
1x eheim compact return pump (2000 I think)
1x accessory pump for mixing salt
1x old reef keeper (not sure how much life is left but including anyway)
1x reef breeder photon 24 v2 light and all hardware to mount
1x JBJ ATO with pump
2x Ecotech marine MP10s QDs with power supply
1x Ecotech marine battery backup with power supply
1x 5stage RODI, with booster pump, pressure gauge, and 3 sensor TDS (needs new sediment, will include a DI bag)

I have various other little things that I will send with.

Looking for $500 for everything.

Please text, 602-361-9341


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