FS: Whole setup - Taking break from hobby


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I'm relocating my whole family out of state and sadly decided to step away from the hobby and not take my tank with me. Not looking to part out yet, take it all.

Asking $2500/obo

My current tank setup is about 9 months old. Some stuff i've had for some years (MH, chiller, etc) when I had a tank previously.

Pics (I can send pics of any of the items on this list): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zemthdooi92sceo/AACgSV3uPfw1GzSknevmSzu0a?dl=0

Here's the details:

Livestock (not much left):
Yellow tang 3"
Foxface Rabbit fish 3"
Algae Blenny 2.5"
Flame scallop
Cleaner shrimp 2"
Fire shrimp 2"
Bunch of snails and crabs
Some GSPs, Zoas, neon leather
2 fairly large red bubble anemones (6" & 10" fully open)
Lots of live rock, nice big pieces (Some in use, some dried and clean in storage container)

DSA105 rimless tank and stand with liner, no scratches, really good condition
Modular marine 2400+GPH overflow box with cover
Trigger System Ruby 36 Elite sump (trade from vhuang168)
Aquamaxx ConeS Q-3 Skimmer (trade from vhuang168)
SB Reef lights sBox Extreme 32" WIFI reef light
5G Auto top off container with aqua lifter and float valve (extra aqua lifter included)
2x Jebao PP-8
Jebao DCT6000 controllable return pump
2x Jebao auto doser (1 in use, 1 new in box)
Furniture grade PVC
Black light diffuser
High grade unions, check valve, ball valves
4ft glass Innovative marine partitioned sump new in box
Reef Octopus skimmer with upgraded pump
4 stage RO/DI
ESV B-Ionic MAG, CALC, ALK (half gallon of each left)
Polyp Lab Medic 30ML
Prodibio Bioptim new in box
Prodibio Start up 3/4 box full
Prodibio Bio Reef kit new in box
Prodibio Bio Digest 3/4 box full
Salifert test kits
API Ammonia test kit
Digital PH Meter x 2
Test strips
Cermedia MarinePure 1.5" Spheres 1 Gallon
Cermedia MarinePure Block Bio filter 8x8"
Black silicon sealant with caulking gun new in box
Innovative Marine 12mm clips 4pack x2
Innovative Marine 10mm clips 4pack
2x Marinecolor Acrylic dosing containers (1 in use, 1 new in box)
2x Tripp Lite 7 outlet (individually controlled)
2 1/2 box of Instant ocean sea salt
More than 1/2 box of Instant Ocean Reef Crystals
Ultralife Reef Red slime remover
Eheim Fish feeder
Titan controls 2 outlet timer
Red Sea Reef foundation test kit - CALC, ALK, MAG
New and used filter bags
4" Filter Sock holder
1/2HP Coralife chiller
2 MH Mogul Parabolic reflectors (don't remember name) and ballasts
2 MH HQI pendants and Icecap ballasts
Extra new bulbs (HQI and Mogul)
Magnetic frag racks
10" roll filter media
7G bowfront rimless tank
Red Sea Prism HOB skimmer
CPR Aquafuge Refugium - Medium
Red Sea Max 130D 34G AIO tank
Ton of plumbing parts
AquaC Remora HOB skimmer
Misc pumps, wavemakers, etc