FT/FS: Pincushion Urchin


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I have a great looking purplish pincushion urchin that Im looking to rehome. Ive had it for about 6 mo, fun and interesting to watch. Im just dealing with more frags now that my tank is growing out and I dont want to worry about it walking off with something. Its around 2.5-3" in size.
I know they arent very expensive, but if you have a frag to trade great, otherwise $5 is ok with me. I have a mixed reef, so cool looking softies or LPS great, easy growing sps ok too!




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I just want to pipe in and say that's a great looking urchin and a great price. I would take it if I didn't have 2 urchins already! I really have to resist the urge to buy this.


I'll take it. I'll buy or if you want frags I currently have Idaho Grape, Tri-color milli, really small orange cap, Neon green hyndophora....

Can pick up tomorrow or this weekend.