Fu Manchu Lionfish Question


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I have the opportunity to get a Fu Manchu lion fish. This has been a dream fish of mine since I got into hobby 7 years ago. Right now I have a coral banded shrimp in my tank that the lion would go in. I have had it for over 2 year now and would hate to see anything happen to it aka dinner. Anyone out there think I should be worried i have heard that if it can fit in their mouth they wont eat it? Obviously the lion eats shrimp but the coral banded is pretty large. Garen (hansnfrans) has one that doesnt mess with his fish or clean up crew at all. Does anyone have any experience with them or other dwarfs and their temperament with tank mates and can help me decide?


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i would watch out i had a cral bandit that went after any slow moving fish.

went after my waspfish and fuzzy lion.

i eventually removed him because it was to big of a risk.

fu man chus stay smaller than the fish i just mentioned. so i would remove the coral bandit IMO if you do get the lion


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Coral banded shrimp will hold his own,i've had a trio of dwarf lions in the past and coral bandeds aswell at the same time and no issues.Go for it.


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Thought I throw out a little update. So I got the Fu Manchu on Friday night. I let him acclimate for about an hour or so before I released him into the tank. He hid most of the day Saturday in one of my caves in the rock work. I threw in a couple of ghost shrimp Saturday evening and it was like something told him they were in the tank because he ate 5 in an instant. So the first step of getting him to eat in captivity was a success. I have been trying to trick him into eating krill off of a feeding stick with no success. Thinking that maybe he doesn't like the coloration of the krill(orange and the ghost is clear) I decided to put a ghost shrimp on the feeding stick and sure enough he took it. My plan is to feed him the ghost shrimp off the feed stick for a week or so and let him get used to the feeding stick = food and hopefully he'll take the krill.

In regards to the coral banded shrimp and him I have see little interest in each other from either party. They pretty much just stay at there own sides of the tank tank and that is that.


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I had a coral banded with my Volitan and there were many stare downs but the lion never bothered him, even though I always assumed he would, I ended up moving the volitan to my bigger tank though.

There's links between feeding lions krill and lock jaw, there's also been a few articles disputing this so I would take that as you want to (I feed my lions krill from time to time and havne't seen any ill effects thus far) the important thing is once you get him eating is to change the diet up, shell on shrimp, silversides, mysis, fish bits from the sea food counter etc. When I was training mine they took silver sides much quicker than they did to krill, maybe try doing that.

Good luck, Fu's are a lot of fun from what I've read.


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Well it has been a little over a week now and he took his first piece of Krill. Yeah!!! I think I'll keep feeding a ghost here or there for the next week to wean him over but what a great feeling to know that I don't have to feed live forever!