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I just bought a 3-4" crocea yesterday and it seems to be gaping. It was not gaping at the LFS. I was wondering how long gaping generally lasts when a clam is put into a new system. I'm assuming its stressed.

Here's a pic.
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Good question. I generally thought that the inhalant siphon should be more like a slit than an oval.
Hi again Andy :)

IME, I notice that crocea clams are more prone to gaping when stressed during transport, acclimation etc...than any other tridacnid clam. They naturally seem to have a larger inhalent siphon opening sometimes. You should notice that in about a week that the clam will gape less (as it settles in) than what you see in the picture though. I have some croceas that I have had for a year or so that still look like the opening is much larger than any of my maximas (not really oval, but noticeably more open), yet they continue to grow and thrive.

How are you liking your tunzes Andy?
Hi Janine

Couldn't be happier with the Tunzes. Have you got yourself any yet. Still hope to get out to your place some time.

I am still waiting on them...I am expecting 4 6100's by the end of next week :) I cannot wait to see the flow!! You are welcome to come by anytime Andy, it would be nice to see you again :)

Wow! You are gonna have tons of flow with those. You won't be disappointed. How is your tank coming along. I'll be mounting my radiums this week. I've got a chiller now as well to deal with the extra heat.