Geiseman Question ??????


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I am setting up an 84 x 36 x 30 reef and I would like to know if
4 x 250 Watt Nova II's hung 12 inches off the water, will be enough light with 4 x 39 watt T5 actinic supplimentation, given the 30 inch height ??? There will be a 4 inch sandbed but I do want clams on the sandbed and some other LPS. Much of the upper reef will be SPS. Please be honest as these are a significant investment but I think it may be worth it. Will these small pendants cover the front to back also (36 inch) ??

You are very quick with responses and I may have an opportunity to buy these lights. I am sold on Tunze now let me know your opinion on my lighting scheme.
Well, I use Giesemann but i don't sell them anymore since I sold my shop. I know that the Nova covers an area of about 24" by 32" and with the 250w is good to aboout 26" deep so you are at the limit in depth but it should be OK, the main thing is the lights need to be positioned sideways so from the froont you are looking at the sides so the width is covered. I would probably go with a 10" height above the aquarium, I think 11" is what is recommended but that is due to German safety regs and you could go a bit lower without much compromise.