Getting a new Clam Should i remove all my Blue legged hermits


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Hi All, I am getting a 4" Maxima from Clams Direct on Tuesday:D I just don't want any problems. I wanted to see what you guys think about the risk of having blue legged hermits in with a clam:rolleyes: Also what about bristle worms?
I've had (for what it's worth) different kinds of hermits, plus the occasional bristle worm, and never had issues with any of my clams.

Remember, these creatures can "sense" when a clam is sick, so unless it's in good health, you may find them attacked and eating the clam, which may look like it's aggression, when it's just Nature in action.
I had a single blue-legged hermit in my 35gal tank. The day I added a new maxima, he went straight for it. Despite the clam throwing him a good distance away (which was cool to watch), he came right back. I eventually had to remove him. Now my tank is "clawless".
My hermits don't bother my clams I've seent a couple occansionaly crawl on their shell searching for food, but they continued on else where without harming the clam
CRABS ARE EVIL! I hate all crabs....I dont care what people say about them being scavengers I have witnessed them attack a larger snail that was happy and they just wanted a meal..EVIL I SAY!!!!!
My first clam didn't last the night. It opened up, I watched tit for a few hours and went to bed. In the morning found a blue leg prying it open! Clam fought the good fight but succombed a couple of days later. I since removed all of them. Though I found one in my new tank that must have been hiding for the last year or so.
I would take them out. I had some with a large Derasa. they were always on the clam. So I felt it was better to remove them. They now reside in the refugium. And the derasa appears to be a lot less stressed with them all over him. That was over a yr. ago. And the clam was very healthy. I still have him today.
So I would remove them. I don't trust any crabs with my clams.