Getting strange results from API ammonia test.


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I use the API tests. The kit is only about 3 months old. When I test the water in my DT it works fine. But when I test the water in my QT rather than a shade of green I get this watered down milky color which doesn't correspond to any color on the chart.


Any idea what would cause this? I don't want to put anything in here until I figure out what's causing this. If I change the water the ammonia looks good at first but then goes to this color. Both nitrites and nitrates read 0.


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I get the same thing on my API test in my 75. It's good. My guess is that it's truly 0 ammonia. If I do the same test in my 20 gal. I get the color for 0 on the chart. Probably minute traces of ammonia but not enough to accurately detect or cause any harm.


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I think I've seen this issue reported before. My recollection is that it's not a problem, and the ammonia level is fine.


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I've used copper before, but don't believe it's still there. Washed the tank with hot water, vinegar, soap and bleach in that order. QT'd a number of inverts recently with no problem so I'd say I got the copper off the glass