Glass cutting and bonding


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I am doing some work on my 55 gallon and I need some advice. One of the silicone seams sprung a leak so I have drained the tank and razored off all of the inner silicone lining. The first question I have is: Which silicone cures in either a clear or aqua-blue color?

I only ask because I used the cheap wal-mart stuff on my DIY AC70 mini-fuge and the silicone turned yellow after being in contact with the salt water for a week or two. I do not want this to happen with my 55 gallon.

My second question has to do with plumbing. I figured with the tank empty this would be a good time to drill the bulkheads for the sump and return line. I have a 35 gallon tub that I will be using for a sump and I was wondering what size diamond hole bit to use for the cuts. 40mm, 60mm, less? Or does this not matter and I need to be focusing more on the return pump?

Thanks in advance for any help!