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What would be the best way to attach zoa's to the glass on the back of my tank from a rockless frag?


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Would they spread on the glass? I know i had GSP and Xenia that did. Never seen my zoo's do it though.


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they will.. seen this before from LFS.. the whole back glass that's not covered with LR is covered with pink palys..



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I've seen it in a few tanks.. Very cool looking. I have an encrusting gorg doing this to my overflow. Mind you now though I have tried it doesn't want to work for me. :(

Been trying for nearly a year now.


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Unless I glue them when I am doing a waterchange, how am I supossed to glue underwater?

most super glue will set under water or you can use epoxy.


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i havent glue any on my glass but in the wall of my NC ... is plastic but my zoas are growing alot i like it hopefully by next year is gonna be full of zoas....

here is a pic of them to prove the growth ... laps is one month...



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I do but old ones and well ashame to show them not that good....


as soon as i take an update pic ill post it but this is the shot i have so far of 1month ago or so..


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:eek: i'm gonna take your comment as sarcasm because if your tank is bad, then mine is downright horrible. what are the specs on that tank?