got a 2" adult coloured majestic angel last night...


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was pokin through the lfs and ive wanted one for months! almost seemed too good to be true, a 2" majestic angel thats fully in his adult colours!

thats like a 10 year old with a beard! lol!

anyways, does anyone know the growth rate of these guys? hes happily crusing the rock work in my 250 right now and already eating stuff off the rocks.


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Mine was that size when I got him, and I was amazed too. He's grown about an inch in six or eight months.


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Great fish, not terribly fast growers, IME, and stay pretty small, as far as "large" angels go. One of those known to get adult colors at VERY small size.


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ill post up some pics when he decides to not hide all day in the rocks.

so sounds like it could be years before hes show size eh? like 7-8" big