got the mantis bug!!


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After looking at the pictures of these mantis shrimp, i have became quite interested in keeping one, the tentative plans are as this:

1. Keep it in a 7gal bowfront and plumb it to my main tank, so water quality wont really be an issue.

I did have a few questions though....after looking at all the pictures on this site and others, it seems that the most colorful ones are the peacock mantis this correct?? I also noticed that they seem to like to hide in caves a they come out for frequent viewings, or do they just stay in the caves the whole time?? thanks everyone...
peacock mantis are popular because the are colourful and easy to get.
mantis are usually fairly shy animals but the will wander if they have a good enough burrow and feel secure.
they do spend alot of time in a cave but they very regularly can be seen peering out to see what going on.

i have found from personnal experience that some of the mantis i have kept hardly ever leave the cave and others ive owned are always out and about.
i have a new smasher who i dont think has left his cave ever and my other emerald green mantis has about seven cave entrances and he is hardly ever found at home, you will almost always see him out exploring.
they are a good pet i would recommend as the are easier to keep than a reef tank, they are so different from any other pet i know of and the are so full of personnality and character.
you really get a wide range of behaviour between different animals that is very cool.

im sure you will enjoy one as a pet as does everyone here.
if you need any more help or you have any more questons then ask away as their are alot of mantis keepers here who are keen to help (myself included) who all have experienced different things while keeping mantis shrimp.
the more people who give their opinions, the more we learn about mantis here at rc mantis forum.
hope you get one and join us here regularly!