Great Meeting


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Great meeting last night! I hope everyone had a good time and got most of what they wanted from the group buy and the corals we fragged. Thanks a bunch to Emerald Bay!

Good turn out, and it was great to see all the faces - old and new.
I would like to thank all of you who put this together. Thanks for the effort. I am looking forward to the next meeting. Deana (my wife ) is more interested now than ever thanks to the meeting. Thanks MTRC.
It was a Great! meeting, thanks also, to all who worked so hard in setting it up and getting the group buy done up so well. Now I have to go back & pick up some of my order at a later date, & I'm sure I will spend more then, plus this coming weekend....whew! X-mas is getting smaller ")

Yep, enjoyed it. First time I have been to Ebay. I dont know the area that well but last week, my mom was in St. Thomas Hospital for a few days....(she's ok and home now). But I was spending morning to night there and if I only knew Ebay was just down the road I would have checked it out sooner. I couldn't believe they had Burmese Pythons for $55. I was so close to takin' one home.

I noticed you spent quite a bit of time with the snakes, Steve. :D One day I'll talk my wife into letting me get an Oketee. hehe

Thanks to all who planned it. Was yet again a great meeting and a rather large one this time! Thanks for the zoos, too. They're looking great!

yea, I don't even think I looked at any of the corals really, just took a few pics of the 75 gals. for aquascapin ideas. I didnt even take a frag home because I am out of room. I really need to upgrade soon. But back on the snakes, I've got a Amel corn (male) and pastel motley (female). They mated this season and I got some eggs. They should be hatching this week. I'm lookin for another female corn, either a butter or blizzard. I have a dumerils boa (6 ft) and a baby western hognose. Also have a rose hair tarantula and I'd like to get e mexican red knee or brazilian black tarantula. Gonna start chargin admission to get in my house... :lol: J/K. As soon as I find out the sex of the hognose I'll get another one of those. But yea, I'm plannin' on makin' another trip to ebay soon.

A great meeting indeed. Thanks To Emerald bay for their generous discount. Can't wait for the next meeting.
awesome meeting...dinner was fun, great idea to meet up like that before a meeting....loved the generous discount, I was able to purchase all of my sand for the 180 at a reasonable price. Thanks jack for putting it together, it was organized nicely..
It was a great meeting. Emerald Bay, as usual, treated us very well. Thanks to Jack for doing most of the leg-work on getting everything set up.
It was a fun meeting. Got a little hot in ebay with so many people there. Glad everyone put there deodorant on.
This was my first meeting as well. I tell you it was definetly different from my last club in size. I never got to show my tank off in person before it crashed during the move, and on the drive down I thought man we should have the club over some time since our place is a little bigger. After last night, it still doesn't look possible.
I've only been to 3 LFS meetings, 2 times at AC and Ebay. I think they are crowded because people know they are gonna get discounts, frags, and then there is always a good raffle item maybe? I didn't take home a frag cause I already had those blastos from the first AC meet and didn't know they was fraggin' zoas too. I thought when more voted for blastos that that was the only thing bein fragged and all the zoas was gone, but it's all good. And I didn't take advantage of the if they did it for reptiles I might have brought a couple snakes home. It's the same with reptiles as fish, if you have a empty aquarium, you want to set it up. I have several empty terrariums waitin' for new critters :lol: But, is it really a large turnout when members hosts meetings at their homes?

I've only been to three meetings as well, Steve. The meeting at Chris' house was definitely smaller and I think for the same reasons you mentioned.

Yes, the LFS meetings are typically our biggest. We may start to see some changes in the attendance at our "house" meetings since we are starting to do more activities at those (fragging a coral, door prizes, guest speakers, etc.). For example, at the next at Brian and Moriah's we will have a guest speaker, and will also have some items to raffle off that I was recently sent from :)

That said, in the past our regular meetings have had attendance typically be between 10 and 25 or so people.