green hair alge


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this is my fist fowlr tank. i let my tank run 3 mounths before i put any fish in, now 2 months laters i have growthes of green alge here and there. what do i do?help me please.:eek2:


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Welcome to the forums. 1st off, what type of water are you using for your tank? It should be RO/DI water and not tap water. Did you check for phosphates levels? That might be a cause. Phosphates can come from a number of things including some fish flake foods. Try to find out if you changed feeding, adding something to the tank that caused the outbreak. Lighting can also cause an algae outbreak. Did you change the lighting? Once you figure out what changed in the tank, just change what you did and you should be better off before this hair algae takes over. Good Luck...