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Greg J

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I'm having trouble finding a spot in my 75 gallon with a green star polyp. I can't see to find a place in the tank that it likes. It keep dwindling their are only a few polyps left. Calcium is around 400 nitrates are between 20 and 40. I have a number of other soft and hard corals ( soon to have then in separate tanks, I hope) that are doing fine. I have mushrooms growing and Hard corals that are splitting and growing. When I receive this specimen it had some red lettuce looking stuff on it, that has sense disappeared ( it wasn't red algae).
I have 6 lights 1 50/50 1 10k to octinic NOs and 1 10k & 1 octinic VHO the VHOs are only on for about 6 hours the rest are on for a total of 10 hours. This system has been set up for about 7 years with no real problems other than the dreaded Aiptasia.
I have just one theory, mind you this is only a theory. You said you have nitrates around 20 to 40. Some will say that is too high. Others will say that is nothing compared to there well establish tank. Both opinions are valid. The way I see it that your other corals have adapted to this level or grown with it. The newly added GSP dont seem to enjoy it. Maybe work on getting those nitrates down.

Also I would suggest having the VHO's on for more than 6 hours a day, but I think you may have already thought of that. Good luck and keep us posted.
My green star polyps do best in high light, high flow areas. Also -I have no measurable nitrates in my system. You may try moving them higher in the tank and aiming a powerhead to sweep over the top. The only time my polyps retract is during dusk and if they are disturbed by a passing crab or snail. Otherwise, they grow like weeds....

I had a similar problem. MY GSP just wouldnt attach (purchased from Jeff's) to anything. The big problem was the colony had grown up and over a bunch of sponges, which took a good 2 months to rot and die.

My GSP finally attached to some live rock when I placed it in a high flow/ high light area in the top back left corner of my tank. Now the main colony is finally growing.
Tahnks for the info. I do have it at the top of the tank with moderate flow. I with change the the power head some and give it more current. I'm sill working on getting the nitrates down.
Thanks again for your help
Greg J
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