Hair algae, brown wafer algae, and vermitids..... suggestions?


Maxi Mini
Hi all, I have a 55g tank that is infested with HA (brown?), brown wafer algae (I think), and a bunch of vermatids. First of all I need to ID this


This type of algae is covering my rocks in high flow areas, and doesn't want to go away. I also have some brown wafer algae which I thought was brown coralline. There are spots of it everywhere now. And of course I can always count on my vermatids to pop up everywhere.

My tank has 4x54w t5 fixture for light, a 5g refugium with chaeto, and 0 nitrates and phosphates. I DO NOT use RO/DI but I will be soon.

Here's my battle plan, squish the vermatids to keep them under control, get a sally light foot crab to eat the BWA, and leave the lights off for 3 days to kill the HA.

How does this sound? Any other ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!:spin3: