hair algae question


the cat did it
it's been a while, but i was wondering:

i've noticed two kinds of hair algage in my tank, a soft flowing kind, and the kind that looks like actual grass.

it's not abundant now, but i'd like to curb and remove it from the tank. i don't have so much a problem with the soft flowing kind, but the actual grass stuff i'm having trouble removing and preventing.

anyone have any clues?

much appreciated in advance!

ps. nitrate and phosphate levels may be off, but i'd like to hear any guiding words people may have. thanks from a newb.
oops sorry. no skimmer or filter, water changes are done every two to three weeks for the 10 gallon at almost %50 with conditioned tap water. during that time, i also clean the power heads.

the tank has been doing well for the last 2 years. i would assume low bioload due to the limited coral and invertebrates i have in the tank:

1 true clown, 2 kinds of mushrooms, one small rbta, and two kinds of zoos. all of which are contained and take up very, very little tank real estate.

oh and also two power heads to keep the water flowing.

i'm guessing my problem lays within the tap water, and the possibility that i should be doing water changes exactly at 2 weeks instead.
neuro, i'm no expert or anything but i'm a big advocate of weekly water changes. i do about 10% change a week. you might want to start using ro/di water or something to see if tap water was your cause.
Simon is right, tap water can have alot more phosphates than you would want to introduce into your tank, and that is like gasoline to a fire for nuisance algae. Best of luck to you :)