Halide Hoarders unite!


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I’ve started hoarding lamps several years ago. Lots of new but I’m a sucker for “barely used” radium’s. I’ll take a chance on those. I setup a test box with a light meter and sorted them by output. warn ones go in the trash and 90% or better sorted in “matched sets of 3”

Here’s my stock of 400’s


250 radium’s


3 more Newish radium’s and my random other 250’s and a ballast for testing

I’m not pulling the box down but I have a set of 3 galaxy HQI selectawatt ballasts

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That's really cool and how weird is it to remember how plentiful those things used to be?
I remember how much fun it was to build my first set of 175's out of a pair of Advance ballasts and other parts from the hardware store. I put the ballasts in a breaker box.

Doooon't drop 'em!
I don’t have pics but I have 20 250w SPS brand 10k halide bulbs. 2 additonal Hamilton cayman suns, 6 CoralVue spider reflectors for retrofit, 2 spare off brand ballasts, as well as a 2x150w DE with T5s fixture with ballasts.
When I had my 200 running many years ago, I used (3) 250w 6.5K Iwasaki and (2) 400w 20K Radiums. The growth and color of the SPS were amazing.
I’m looking at those 400W radium’s in the MP. The thing is this, my SPS are already growing faster than I want to deal with. It seems like every month I have to spend 1/2 day cutting them back and then disposing of the clippings. With 400’s I expect it will be worse.