Hanna checker cuvettes

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I posted this on the Hanna page, but have no responses.

I have 3 Hanna checkers that I use to monitor 2 tanks. I also ordered 4 additional cuvettes and caps. How important is it that the cuvettes are used with only one checker? If I clean them thoroughly, can I use the extra cuvettes for both Alkalinity and for Phosphorous?

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In theory, if you could clean them well enough, interchanging would be okay, but I'd keep the cuvettes separate. I don't know what the reagents are for the kits, so I'm not sure what it'd take to make sure the cuvettes are clean.


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The purpose of the zero procedure prior to each test is to get a good baseline. Spas long as you don't get fingerprints on it between the zero and actuall test that's the important part.

fYI. I talked at length with the Hannah rep at MACNA who informed me that despite several claims, adds, websites, and slick sheets, the Hannah Nitrate meter is for freshwater ONLY!!! I plan on getting a refund.