hanna handheld test meters


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anyone use the hanna alkalinity, calcium & phosphate tester. was thinking of buying them, any opinions ?


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I use a Hanna Phosphorus ULR checker for phosphates. Matter of fact, it's right in front of me now as I am doing an LaCl dose at this very moment to reduce my PO4 levels. The Hanna Phosphorus checker requires some calculations (results x 3.066 divided by 1000) for converting the phosphorus results into low level PO4 numbers that we typically refer to but it's said to be the most accurate device for PO4 testing based on my previous research.

I also have a Hanna Alkalinity checker but rarely ever use it as I don't bother testing for Alk or Ca in my tank except on rare occasions. I do automated water changes and don't dose anything. My tank is primarily softies and every time I have tested, my Ca and Alk are in good shape at very acceptable levels. I monitor my PH through my Apex so I only test that on rare occasion as well just to verify the Apex's accuracy.

Hanna makes good products and their testers are considered to be pretty accurate and highly regarded from everything I have read.


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The phosphate and alkalinity meters get reasonable reviews, although there are problems with batches of reagents. The calcium meter seems a bit more iffy. The sample solution needs to be dilute with 10 parts RO/DI or distilled water before running the test, which might be an accuracy issue. In any case, the calcium meter seems to be more error-prone.

I've always used kits, mostly Salifert, IO, and Hach, personally.