Heater recommendation - Your preference?


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Yeah Yeah, it starts like every other thread... I was going to use the search, but as usual the thing is disabled ;)

I've had minor luck with heaters. All of mine (with the exception of salt/mix tank) are Jager. They seem to be getting worse and worse. In my main tank, one is set to 70, one is set in the 80's. They just seem to kick off whenever they feel like. For some reason today, my tank is 1.2 degrees warmer than normal, and I caught one of them on for a while. This is the kind of thing I mean.

I've got about 130 gal with the tank and sump, so I'll probably use dual 150's still. I've looked at a few brands, like the Won Bro's titanium with the digital display, etc. But hey, I can load up a piece of crap with fancy blinkies and flashies and it will still run like a piece of crap.

I have minimal experience here, and they all look the same to me. Obviously I can't use fancy blinkies and flashies or price for a gague. Who has had some really good luck with their heaters for constant acuracy? Something you don't have to worry about?
I usually reccomend WON heaters... of course, my digital one went haywire a few weeks back and boiled every last one of my Tanginykans :( Guess Im not gonna tout them quite as often, though they do have their strong points (titanium build and remote thermostat).
Hydor Theo heaters are pretty nice though. Theyre pretty accurate, and bloody near indestructable. They would be good for a sump too, especially a small one, because of their heating mechanism. Rather than a long coil set running through it, it was rows of heating pads. If the water level drops, it doest keep heating more and more til it starts burning things, rather it shuts off each heat pad as its exposed to air, while the other submerged ones keep working. You can yank the whole thing out of the water, and it all shuts off rather than cooking away. No blinkey flashey shiney things though.
I would use a multi controller or dedicated controller for your heating / cooling... If you use a controller you will not have your heater and cooling devices "competing" against each other... On my new tank I am going to have redundant heating and cooling and with my controllers I will have different "stages" set... I am going to have 4x 500w heaters since I am going to have about 800-1k water vol once I am complete... I will have 2 on my Aquatronica and 2 on my Medusa...