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Hi everybody I am not too new to the hobby but am new to the forum. Entered reef keeping about two years ago when i got my first two clownfish. Then I began to stock the tank with new stuff (tank was 100 gal). Later on I added
- Cardinals
- Blue Tang
- Inverts
- Damsels
- White Ribbon Eel (soon)

Later on I got a Snowflake Moray. But not for too long (even though i was planning for the eel since the beginning) as it began attacking the damsels. I did ask people and they told me it was a big risk. He is now sold to somebody else:) I did chose to get something I was more sure after asking people would work which was a White Ribbon Eel. He is about to arrive anytime now!
Only eel (Snowflake) I’ve ever had was in my parents 200 that I maintained back in the 80’s so, all I can say is I’ve heard the same about Ribbon Eels.
I had a ribbon eel years ago. I would bring home a few ghost shrimp every week. He did great for a while, then I came home one day to find his head in one anemone, and his tail in another, reminiscent of the scene from “lady and the tramp”.
Thanks everybody! Though White Ribbons are harder to get to eat than other morays they are not near the extreme never eats Blue and Black (the ones you see usually).

I have also seen numerous cohab tank of white ribbons being with small fish like damsels fine, so I do not think it is anything to worry about.

Sorry about your lose of your ribbon:(